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Private Will Services

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Wills For Business Owners

A Business Owner has extra issues that need to be covered by a Will and in the planning of their Estate.

Will it continue after your death and if it does, who has the skills to continue it?

Consider how your business is to continue or be disposed of, but it must be undertaken in full knowledge of what is set out in any Partnership or Company Agreements.

Is there a need for additional powers to your Executors, to enable your Business to be operated after your death?

Also consider the need for any specialist professional Executors to cope with any extra complexity that maybe involved. There could be important tax reliefs such as includes Business and
Agricultural Property Reliefs that need to be utilised.

One key area to consider is the use of Cross Option Agreements vs Buy and Sell Agreements.

We can help create your Will to take maximum advantage of Inheritance Tax exemptions and ensure that your business is passed on in the most effective way.

Please contact us for a discussion without obligation to see if we can help.

A typical charge would be £100 extra added to the type of Will that you decided.